Natural Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

Faculty members in the Department of Natural Sciences endeavor to develop in their students the qualities of responsibility, critical thinking, academic and professional competence, and high moral and ethical standards. Through the science curriculum, students will gain an appreciation for living organisms, the environment, and the basic processes of biology, physics, and chemistry. The faculty further seeks to establish and maintain quality undergraduate programs in the sciences consistent with a liberal arts experience in a Christian environment.

For more information, contact 
Dr. Lonnie Burnett, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences.

Majors Offered
  • Biology
  • Biology – Pre-Med
  • Biology – with Teacher Certification
  • Marine Science
Minors Offered
  • Biology
  • Biology with a Concentration in Biomedical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Marine Science
Our Faculty
Dr. Salomon Itza
Professor of Physics
Dr. Gail Shelly
Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Lesley Baggett
Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Randy Craig
Associate Professor of Biology
Ms. Alison K. Henry
Assistant Professor
Mr. Steve Carey
Associate Professor of Biology