Associate Degree in General Studies

Associate of Science in General Studies


The Associate of Science in General Studies consists of basic courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and behavioral studies and is ideal for those who are new to higher education as well as students who have already completed some college courses. If your long-term goals include earning a bachelor’s degree, the A.S. in General Studies is a great first step that can increase your marketability, and income, while putting you on the bachelor’s path.


Online classes are offered in convenient 8-week sessions designed specifically for working adults. This convenient class structure allows you to continue with your family and work schedule while advancing your career.


UMobile general education courses are designed to fulfill basic credit requirements for a variety of degree programs. If you decide to pursue a full degree with UMobile, we’ll help you transition these credits into the degree program. If you’ve taken courses at another university, our flexible transfer policy allows you to transfer the maximum number of credit hours possible.


Admission Requirements
  1. Meet or exceed all University of Mobile admission requirements.
  2. Have attained the age of 23 or older, or have accepted adult responsibilities.
  3. Have access to a computer and internet.
  4. Have a valid e-mail account.
  5. Commitment to class attendance and ability to devote a minimum or 10-15 hours per week to coursework preparation.
  6. Contact your University of Mobile admission counselor for details on basic coursework and GPA requirements.
Basic Courses

EN 101, EN 102: Effective English

EN 201 or EN 202 :English Literature

CMS 310: Christian Worldview

CMS 321 or 331: Mission and Message of Jesus

COM 101: Basic Public Speaking

HI 101: Western Civilization

MA 101 or higher Mathematics

Lab Science


AR 201: Art Appreciation

CIS 101: Microcomputer Applications

EC 201: Macroeconomics

HI 102: Western Civilization II

HPE 213: Drugs and Society

PS 110: Introduction to American Politics

PSY 201: Introduction to Psychology

SA 202: Introduction to Sociology

Tuition & Fees

Cost is $400/credit hour. Comprehensive fee $200/semester. Calculate your estimated total cost below: