Marketplace Ministry

Marketplace Ministry


The Marketplace Ministry bachelor’s degree combines the strengths of theology and intercultural studies majors in UMobile’s School of Christian Studies. It includes courses in ministry, leadership and counseling.


The degree is ideal for those who have already earned a college degree in another field, or are beginning or continuing a college degree. Students graduating with a Marketplace Ministry major will be prepared for careers as bi-vocational Christian leaders in ministry and secular work, church planters, church pastors, urban ministry leaders, corporate or industry chaplains, and leaders in faith-based and non-profit organizations.


Online classes are offered in convenient 8-week sessions designed specifically for working adults. This class structure allows you to continue with your family and work schedule while advancing your career.


Admission Requirements
  1. Meet or exceed all University of Mobile admission requirements.
  2. Have attained the age of 23 or older, or have accepted adult responsibilities.
  3. Have access to a computer and internet.
  4. Have a valid e-mail account.
  5. Commitment to class attendance and ability to devote a minimum or 10-15 hours per week to coursework preparation.
  6. Contact your University of Mobile admission counselor for details on basic coursework and GPA requirements.
Major Courses

Year One:

CMS 110 Intro to Christian Worldview

CMS 199 Spiritual Disciplines

CMS 201 Intro to Old Testament                                              

CMS 202 Intro to New Testament            

CMS 303 Intercultural Foundations         

CMS 317 Biblical Interpretation                 

CMS 321 Mission & Message of Jesus                    

CMS 331 Christian Theology                       

CMS 332 Christian Apologetics  

CMS 409 Global Disciple Making


Year Two:

CMS 399 Ministry Leadership

CMS 403 Intercultural Leadership

CMS 407 Ministry Counseling Skills I (or PSY/SA elective)

CMS 408 Ministry Counseling Skills II (or PSY/SA elective)

BBA 321 Principles of Management

BBA 333 Leadership in Organizations      

BBA 401 Organizational Behavior & Human Relations      

BBA 426 Social Responsibility & Managerial Ethics

Tuition & Fees

Cost is $400/credit hour. Comprehensive fee $200/semester.