School of Christian Ministries

Areas of Study


Our mission is to help students prepare for God’s call to ministry through the most effective, biblically based undergraduate theological education and hands-on ministry training program. Our goal is to produce some of the most influential Christian leaders in the world today!


 The School of Christian Ministries experience is based on a four-year highly intentional process of training that prepares individuals for real-life ministry. This process includes three major areas of ministry preparation which we call the H3 Model, a revolutionary approach to ministry training based on the Gospels. The H3 Model provides a rigorous academic curriculum that trains your head, a supportive spiritual environment to encourage your heart, and a variety of groundbreaking opportunities to serve with your hands. 


Every full-time faculty member who teaches in the School of Christian Ministries…

  • Is an active member of a cooperating Southern Baptist church
  • Is a graduate from a Southern Baptist-affiliated seminary
  • Affirms the Baptist Faith & Message (2000)
  • Affirms the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy (1978)
  • Holds an earned doctorate
  • Has years of experience in ministry and/or teaching


Dr. Joe Savage
Executive Dean, School of Christian Ministries; Director, Center for Leadership
Dr. Doug Wilson
Dean, School of Christian Ministries;
Dr. Jay Robertson
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries
Dr. Robert Olsen
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries
Dr. Miguel Echevarria
Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries