Torch Society



The Torch Society strives to fulfill the Christ-centered focus of University of Mobile by impacting the lives of students through scholarships.



The Torch Society is a dynamic community dedicated to creating vibrant programs and ideas to support scholarship efforts.


• Create an awareness of the Torch Society in the community

• Create opportunities for volunteerism

• Create an atmosphere of excitement through engaging programs

• Create a culture of compassion and giving through serving



With Esther 4:14 “For such a time as this” as its foundational Scripture, the Torch Society builds on the legacy of the original Mobile College Auxiliary. The new Torch Society generation brings its God-given gifts and talents to fulfill the Torch Society vision: Lighting the Way through Scholarships. Each year, the Torch Society awards scholarships that have a life-changing impact for University of Mobile students.



As a Torch Society member, you will have access to educational and entertaining programs, social gatherings, philanthropic events, and may participate with other members in serving students at University of Mobile.


Lifetime Member: $1,000

Diamond Member: $500

Garnet Member: $250

Onyx Member: $100

Annual Member: $50

Graduating Senior: $25




or join by calling us at 251.442.2201



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Scholarship Luncheon
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The Torch Society Luncheon

March 30th | 12pm

Ram Hall
University of Mobile Campus

Guest Speaker: Mrs. Penney Smith



Victoria“They say that you have to be called to be a NICU nurse,” Victoria Woodruff says. And she has accepted that calling: “I want to be able to serve the community with my hands, and be able to impact other people’s lives, whether that be saving their babies or talking them through tough times.” A junior in the School of Nursing, Victoria has served as a volunteer at the Children’s and Women’s Hospital for four summers in a row. As Victoria searched for the best place to fulfill her calling in receiving her nursing degree, she was drawn to University of Mobile. She had questions about how she, the rest in her family to pursue nursing, could achieve her goals, and “University of Mobile opened all those doors.” She visited the campus and instantly connected to the professors: “They answered all my questions, and they are invested and involved in my life.”


But the summer before Victoria’s junior year at UM, she faced a difficult decision. She was unable to provide the funds she needed to continue in the nursing program. She faced the prospect of having to leave the school she loved. Two weeks before classes began, Victoria received a call announcing she was the recipient of a scholarship. This scholarship not only met Victoria’s nancial needs, but it continues to inspire her to be her best as a student and future nurse: “That’s money that someone provided for me. Somebody gave it to me. And so it makes me strive.”


Victoria represents students across University of Mobile who, through scholarships, are enabled to impact their world. Victoria says that she often thinks about those who blessed her with her scholarship: “They don’t know who they gave it to, but whoever it is wants me to get my nursing degree, to go out and spread the Gospel, to help families, and to succeed in my career.”

History of the Torch Society

The roots of the Torch Society can be traced to the first academic year of what was then Mobile College. On April 10, 1964, Annie Boyd Parker Weaver, fondly known as “B” and the wife of founding president Dr. William K. Weaver Jr., spearheaded the founding of the Mobile College Auxiliary. Members were women interested in the cause of higher education and service to students. Its objectives were to assist the college reach its goals, strengthen ties between the college and its community, and aid in promoting the welfare of students. A primary focus was providing scholarship assistance to students. In 1987, the Mobile College Auxiliary Endowed Scholarship was established, which is now the Annie Boyd Parker Weaver Endowed Scholarship. The organization was active for 30 years.


In November 2016, Penney Smith, wife of fourth president Dr. Timothy L. Smith, revitalized the women’s auxiliary, and the Torch Society was established.



or call 251.442.2201