One of the fastest and easiest ways to make your gift is online. Using the “Give Now” button, you may choose a one-time gift or set up monthly or annual donations. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover credit cards and personal checks are accepted.

To send a personal check (payable to “University of Mobile”) or credit card information through the mail, please include your name and address, and credit card number and expiration date if applicable, and mail to:

University of Mobile
Office of Advancement
5735 College Parkway
Mobile, Alabama 36613

Please also include “UM Fund” on the check.

To make a gift by phone, please call 251.442.2917 or our toll-free number at 800.WIN.RAMS ext. 2917. We will mail a receipt to you shortly after confirming the details of your gift.


You may also support the University of Mobile through regular monthly installments from a credit card or bank account. Some donors choose monthly giving because it enables them to make larger contributions by dividing their gift into manageable monthly increments. Others like the ease of the process and not having to mail a check.

To choose monthly giving with a credit card, please visit our secure online giving website and select “I would like to make a gift every month.”

To choose monthly giving through your bank account, please download this monthly EFT form and mail it, with a voiced check or deposit slip for the account from which you wish to make withdrawals, to:

University of Mobile
Office of Advancement
5735 College Parkway
Mobile, Alabama 36613

It is possible to wire funds directly from your account to University of Mobile’s bank account for donation to the UM Fund. Please call 251.442.2917 for ABA routing and bank account numbers, as well as any additional information you may require.

University of Mobile gratefully accepts stock transfers as a way for alumni and friends to support the university’s mission. To facilitate a stock transfer and to make sure you receive proper credit for tax-reporting purposes, it is important that you inform the university, as well as its broker, about the transfer.

If you are considering a donation of securities, please speak with your broker and have him or her contact one of the brokers for the university. Also, when transferring stock via a broker’s website or in paperwork, please remember to check the box that says, “Release my information” so that the broker can share the gift details with the university. Contact University of Mobile at 251.442.2917 for a list of brokers.

Please then notify University of Mobile. To ensure that the university promptly recognizes and acknowledges your gift, notify University of Mobile’s Office of Advancement at 251.442.2917. UM will need details of the securities transfer, including your name, the name of the securities, the number of shares or approximate value, gift designation or purpose, date on which the transfer should occur, and your broker’s name and telephone number.

Many employers will match charitable contributions made by their employees. By taking advantage of a company’s matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of your contribution. To find out if your employer, or your spouse’s employer, has a matching gift program, please check with the company’s human resources department. Matching gift forms can be sent to:

University of Mobile
Office of Advancement
5735 College Parkway
Mobile, AL 36613

You may also submit the form online through your company’s matching gift website, if available. University of Mobile will send you a confirmation when the form has been received.

Matching gifts count toward your total contribution to the University of Mobile.

Visit our Gift Planning page to discover opportunities to provide for your loved ones, plan for your retirement, increase your spendable income, avoid capital-gains taxes, and reduce or eliminate estate taxes – all while making a difference at University of Mobile.


Your participation makes a difference! With your gift, the University of Mobile can enhance academic programs, provide financial aid and scholarships, improve technology, attract and retain faculty, and much more. In addition:
When considering large gifts, corporations, foundations, and other philanthropists often examine our alumni participation rate as a way to gauge the strength of the university.
More alumni involvement leads to stronger and greater visibility for the university – which, in turn, strengthens the value of your University of Mobile degree.
Gifts to the UMobile Fund affect virtually every aspect of the University of Mobile experience. The University of Mobile depends on the generosity and diligent stewardship of alumni, parents and friends. Your giving matters for:
Supporting financial aid for students
Maintaining the best faculty
UMobile’s academic programs
Enhancing student life
Sustaining the campus
Building the endowment
The overall UMobile budget
Yes! Choose scholarships, campus beautification, athletics or academic support or even designate your gift for a specific department or program. Simply indicate how you would like your gift to be allocated when you make your contribution.
Yes. Gifts made to the UM Fund are tax deductible.
There are many ways to make a gift to the University of Mobile. Each offers distinct benefits to you and the university. Use our secure website to make your gift online (click here)!
Absolutely! Many gifts are donated to the university each fiscal year through matching gift programs. Many companies will double or even triple the value of charitable gifts that employees and their spouses/partners, board members, and retirees make. To determine if your employer has a matching gift program, inquire with your company’s human resources department.
Large gifts are absolutely essential to the University of Mobile’s success; however, we cannot emphasize enough that every gift is important, no matter the size. When considering making large gifts worth millions of dollars of support to the university, corporations, foundations and other philanthropists often request our alumni participation rate and use it to gauge the quality and strength of the university. Your annual donation shows the world that you believe in the University of Mobile and that it is worth your investment.
Additionally, bond rating agencies factor in alumni participation when determining the interest rate the University of Mobile will pay when it borrows money. Your participation, through giving a gift of any size to the university, is critical in helping the university save money.
Every gift matters.
Yes. Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of someone (e.g., a former professor, family member, friend, student or colleague). Simply enclose a note with your gift letting us know that you are making a gift in name of, in honor of, or in memory of someone else. If you choose to give a gift online, the online giving form has a place for you to include this information. You will receive a commemorative letter, and an acknowledgement also will be sent to the individual you are honoring. Family members will be notified when a gift is made in memory of their loved one.