Film & Theatre

Film & Theatre

Film and Theatre Concentration

The concentration in Film & Theatre, within the University of Mobile’s School of Worship Leadership, prepares students for a career in ministry in TV, Film, and Theatre. Students will be learning from faculty in the School of Worship Leadership, School of Music, and School of Christian Ministries who are experts in fields of music, theatre, worship, and ministry.

The concentration in Film & Theatre includes courses such as:

  • Acting for Theatre & Film
  • Film Studio I & II
  • Finale I
  • Sound & Lighting Design
  • Production Procedures
  • Directing
  • Survey of Technology & Media
  • Macintosh Literacy
  • Survey of The Arts in Worship
  • Biblical Foundations of Worship
  • Biblical Principals of Worship
  • History and Philosophy of Music & Worship
  • Christian Ethics & The Performing Arts
  • Senior Project
  • Internships

Career Opportunities:

You will find our graduates in a variety of places! Here are just a few of the options:

  • Actor
  • Film Production
  • Theatre Professor
  • Children’s Minister
  • Theme Park Entertainer
  • Mall Display Designer
  • Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Director
  • Church Drama Director
  • Retail Clothing Manager
  • Pageant Director
  • Drama Teacher
  • National Sales Event Director