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Director of Administrative Services

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J.B. Locke
Director of Administrative Services, School of Business

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Bachelor of Science in Non-Profit Leadership

The Bachelor of Science in Non-Profit Leadership offers a unique opportunity to impact the community by developing the knowledge and skills to lead a non-profit organization. With 2,200-plus registered non-profits in the local community, the need for individuals to be trained for careers in non-profit leadership both locally and globally is significant. Students will gain the skills needed to bring impact across a wide variety of organization types.

Course Code Course Name Course Hours
NP 311  Principles and Practices of Fundraising 3
NP 321  Statistics, Finance and Accounting for Non-profits 3
NP 421  Developing and Sustaining Non-profit Boards 3
AC 241 Principles of Accounting I 3
AC 242  Principles of Accounting II 3
AR 226 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
BA 319 Business Analytics 3
BA 336 Business and Technical Writing 3
COM 451 Persuasion 3
MGT 321  Principles of Management 3
MGT 426 Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics 3
MKT 311  Principles of Marketing 3
MKT 314  Marketing Communications 3
MGT 418 Marketing Management for Non-profit Organizations 3
MKT 421 Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics 3