Department of Kinesiology


Kinesiology includes majors in the following:
  • Kinesiology without secondary certification
  • Kinesiology with secondary certification
  • Athletic Training

A student majoring in Kinesiology may choose one of the areas of concentration in lieu of a minor. The areas of concentration are:  exercise science; health education (6-12); physical education (P-12); sport administration; sport ministry.

A bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology also provides an adequate background for students wishing to pursue graduate study in the areas of sports psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and pre-requisites for professional programs such as athletic training, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.


In the area of Kinesiology, you will learn to organize and administer health and recreation programs and study the general nature of personal and community health, the mechanics of human motion, and the basics of sports psychology, while developing an understanding of the roles of individuals in protecting the lives and welfare of themselves and others.

Career Opportunities

Kinesiology Without Teacher Certification
Choose from courses that will prepare you to:
  • Organize and direct recreation programs, both public and private
  • Organize and direct fitness centers
  • Work in other programs related to the area of Kinesiology
  • Pursue graduate studies in the area of Kinesiology


Kinesiology With Teacher Certification
You will be prepared to:
  • Pursue a career in teaching
  • Pursue a career in coaching
  • Pursue graduate studies in the area of Kinesiology