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Just a few short years ago, Anna Sailors never thought she would be stepping on stage to lead worship for one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America. Knowing God was calling her to be a worship leader, Anna, like many ministry leaders, pushed back on that call, finding excuses for why God could find someone more qualified.

Today, Anna serves as one of the worship leaders for Elevation Church’s Ballantyne Campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elevation Church has more than 15,000 people attending each Sunday at 17 campuses throughout North America.

As a young college student, Anna realized that following God’s plan for her life would be more satisfying than following her own. Her interest in University of Mobile began when she saw a worship leadership degree was offered. The academic and hands-on training appealed to her.

“The opportunity to travel on the weekends and actually lead worship while I was learning was unlike any other school I had visited,” she said.

However, making the move to University of Mobile did come with a few challenges. Finances were a concern as well as moving away from home and everything that seemed comfortable.

“My parents were enormously supportive throughout the process and really spoke a lot of truth and peace into the situation. Plus, once I had moved, it all seemed to make sense,” she said.

Anna also received a scholarship with Voices of Mobile traveling ensemble to help with the cost of her tuition.

Anna’s hands-on learning at University of Mobile prepared her for challenges and opportunities she would have with Elevation Church.

“Had I not had my time at UM and in Voices, I don’t think I would have been ready for the constant change touring brings,” she said.

“I have never felt more at peace with where I am. We have a new album being released this fall, which is super exciting. We just finished up the recording process after a live recording in March, and I’m so excited to have played a small part in it. With that, we’ll be heading out on a quick tour in October following the release. And in the middle of all of this, I’ll be getting married! So it’s definitely an exciting season,” Sailors said.

It’s because of generous donors and committed faculty and staff that University of Mobile has the opportunity to train and send talented and Christ-centered leaders like Anna out to serve the church around the world.

About the Author

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor serves on the faculty of the School of Christian Studies at University of Mobile. He is a graduate of UM and holds a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He served in church leadership before joining UM. He and his wife, Rachel, also a UM alumna, enjoy family time with their son.