Sina Marchione — Class of 2019

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Sina Marchione

When I got to University of Mobile, I found it very difficult to decide on a major, as I was inspired by both business and psychology. UM has given me the opportunity to combine both – I graduate in the Class of 2019 with a major in Psychology and minor in general Business. I have always had a strong interest and desire to learn more about the human mind and behavior. Based on the business classes that I took, I realized that psychology plays a huge part in the world of business. I reached out to my advisor and talked about the field of industrial-organizational psychology. I am also really interested in clinical psychology. Throughout my junior and senior year, I have enjoyed the therapy-based classes with Dr. Aimee Var. She has done a phenomenal job giving us insight into her work as a therapist. She has inspired me along the way. Having the one-on-one relationships with professors and small classes have really helped me find my interests and strengths. This past October, I got accepted for my two-year master’s degree in psychology in Germany at the Jacobs University, concentrating in I-O psychology and clinical psychology. Jacobs University is a private, English-speaking campus in Bremen, Germany with the highest standards in research and teaching. It is an international community and represents more than 100 nations. I am very excited to meet new students and experts in the field of psychology. Another positive aspect is that I will be closer to home, which means a lot to me. I am very happy about this next step, and I am very thankful for the preparation that University of Mobile has provided me in order to grow as person and in my academics. Lastly, I am very thankful that Coach Uwe Tittl has given me the opportunity to be successful on the tennis court and in the classroom.

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Amber Kelley is the marketing communications specialist for University of Mobile. Amber received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from UM. As marketing communications specialist, Amber writes press releases and other content for UM. She is passionate about serving in her youth group at Redemption Church. She enjoys spending time outside, reading a good book and watching romantic comedies on Netflix.