Why Double Major?

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As a sophomore at the University of Mobile, I have entertained the idea of quite a few directions to take my studies. At one point I wanted to study theology or English. After much prayer, I decided to go into business school. I have a desire to lead, but I also love to see an idea come to life. This is why I decided to double major in Integrated Marketing Communications and Management.

The thought of a double major sounded quite scary at first. I would have never considered a double major if my advisor did not mention it. Through meeting and talking with my advisor, she made me realize that I would graduate at the same time even if I just had a major and a minor. The faculty and staff at the University of Mobile listened to what my desires are for the future, and they encouraged me to get the most out of my education.

As I study management and marketing, I have high hopes for life in the workplace after college. I have been called into the ministry to evangelize to the youth of this country. At first, I thought I should be a theology major since I want to evangelize, but that is not the path God has led me to. I hope to open my own nonprofit business as an evangelist. My goal is to go and spread the word of God while building a business that will allow me to reach even more people. I believe I was led to management and marketing over theology because of the plans God has placed on my heart. As I try and build a business, I will need the marketing skills to promote my business, and I will need the management skills to work alongside others and build relationships.

Through my experience at the University of Mobile, the help I have received from faculty and staff is immeasurable. I am surrounded by professors who want to watch me not just graduate, but to also succeed in the workplace. School can be scary and stressful, but I have found so much peace here at the University of Mobile. I have never been so excited to further my education, and I could not be happier with my decision to double major.

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Noah Walters

Noah Walters

Noah Walters is a sophomore at the University of Mobile with a double major in Management and Integrated Marketing Communications. He is a marketing intern for the university's Office for Marketing and Public Relations, and is also on the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Noah enjoys spending time with his friends playing games, but also finding alone time while doing jigsaw puzzles.