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Growing up I always had a love for math, numbers and problem solving. As the time to start college slowly crept up on me, I constantly prayed about what God wanted me to do and the direction He wanted for my life. After spending time in prayer, I knew exactly what area God had called me to – business and finance.

However, there was another obstacle I faced – where was I going to pursue my passion? As I began to evaluate the many different colleges I could potentially attend, I decided to take a tour of the University of Mobile. As I walked around, my tour guide told me all about the university, the atmosphere, the culture and the family here. It felt like home. It’s centered around and driven by the gospel, and there’s an environment that breathes success.

At the University of Mobile, I have enjoyed learning about what it means to be a successful and productive businessman. I have learned how to analyze, evaluate and understand how to make the best decisions to further advance in the business world. The professors are all pursuing the vision of the school, to teach and train us in our studies, all with an outlook on how we can take our skills to spread the gospel to wherever God leads us.

From my very first class, there isn’t one professor I’ve had that wasn’t willing to take the extra step to do what they could to help me not simply pass the course, but to understand the material and how to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. My professors are always there guiding me, teaching me and doing everything they can to help me understand the details of such a complex field of study.

My professor even taught me how to learn and how to study, which is one of the most important things that I have learned since coming to the University of Mobile. I now know when I study best, where I study best, and what’s the most productive environment I can put myself in so that I’m able to grasp clearly the things being taught to me.

As I continue into my sophomore year, I am ready to embrace the challenge of understanding what’s behind the intricacies, the numbers, terminologies, and different concepts so that, when I enter my field, I am well prepared and equipped to fulfill the mission that God has called me to.

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Jabraun Bass

Jabraun Bass

Jabraun Bass is a sophomore at the University of Mobile, majoring in Finance. He is from Mobile, Alabama. He is passionate about serving as a residential assistant and being a member of the university’s Ram Rush Committee. He enjoys playing ping pong, intramural sports and watching sitcoms on Hulu.