Class of 2021 Celebrates Graduation at the University of Mobile

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MOBILE, Ala. – On May 8, 2021, the University of Mobile graduated its first doctoral students in Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Musical Arts in vocal performance. A total of 265 graduates were honored at the ceremony held in front of Weaver Hall on the Dr. Fred and Sue Lackey Great Commission Lawn. After receiving diplomas, new graduates participated …

Two Sisters, One Story

Ashlyn Nichols Experience, Transfer

It is not every day you come across two college students with the same major, same sport, both transfer students, and both from the same hometown 5,000 miles away. Meet Emily and Paula John; two friendly, talented sisters from Herzogenaurach, Germany. Emily and Paula transferred to the University of Mobile from separate colleges. Head tennis coach Uwe Tittl recruited both …

Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Nick Hampton

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“My time as a student was impacted most by the people at the University of Mobile. I know that’s what made my experience worth it, and I want to be a part of making that experience possible for future students,” says Nick Hampton, an admissions counselor at the University of Mobile. Nick graduated from UM in 2015 with a Bachelor …

Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Nathan Collier

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Admissions counselors at the University of Mobile work with students to make sure they have the college experience they’ve been looking for. Admissions counselors offer private visits, application help, scholarship advice and a friendship that will last. Graduating from UM themselves, admissions counselors bring knowledge and experience to prospective students on how the University of Mobile makes sure that you …

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What College Transfer Students Need to Know

Nathan Collier Experience, Learning, Transfer

Let’s face it – the world of transferring to another college can be a bit of a whirlwind. In one hand, you are balancing the final processes from your most recent academic institution. In a second hand, you are balancing next step conversations with a future academic institution. While in another hand, you are balancing your everyday responsibilities – social life, …

3 Ways University of Mobile Prepared Me for Grad School

Claire Beaman Alumni, Sciences, Transfer

If you are preparing to go to graduate school of any kind, there are many ways University of Mobile can help prepare you! After four years at UM, I was able to apply and get accepted into graduate school immediately upon graduation, but I could not have done it without the help of professors, my involvement on campus, and my …

Learning to Become a Nurse

Anna Newman Learning, Sciences, Transfer

Casey Lunceford is a junior majoring in nursing at University of Mobile’s College of Health Professions. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, baking, and getting coffee with friends. Enjoy this interview where I asked Casey how her experiences and opportunities provided by UM are already preparing her for her future. To begin with, why do you want to …

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Devoted to Service: Jessica Catlin

Kathy Dean Alumni, Experience, Transfer

As an assistant district attorney for the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office, Jessica Catlin ’13 is pursuing her professional calling. Now, this University of Mobile alumna encourages current students to discover and pursue their own callings. She helps Dr. Julie Biskner, associate professor of political science, coach UM’s Mock Trial Team and prepare students for regional competition. As a speaker …

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Student-Devoted: What Sets Us Apart

Heath Vester Learning, Transfer

Most universities say they care about students, but from my own experience at University of Mobile, I know there is something that sets UM apart from the rest. At University of Mobile, it’s more than just a slogan; it’s a way of life embodied by each faculty and staff member. The idea that a student can truly be known by …

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The Most Important “Why” in Choosing a College

Luke Criss Learning, Purpose, Transfer

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a college, and one of the most important is something you may not know to look for. It’s why I chose University of Mobile. University of Mobile is not your typical college. UM has deep convictions and a strong foundation that set it apart. As a high school student considering …