Why Theology?

Laiken Gendregske Christian Studies

The most frequent question I get asked as a Theology major is, “why did you choose that course of study?”

I like to think I didn’t choose theology – the theology life chose me! In all seriousness, I can’t express enough my gratitude and appreciation for my professors at the University of Mobile. They have spent countless hours investing in my studies, like helping me navigate through deep theological questions or by challenging me in my coursework.

Theology is the study of the nature of God and religious belief. I’ve learned from being at UM that my coursework and the Lord are not two separate things. My major has actually deepened my love for the Lord because I am able to learn and prepare so that I can better live out my calling. Whatever path I choose after the University of Mobile, I know that I will leave with a further understanding and love for the word of God.

Our School of Christian Studies thrives on being biblically accurate and interpreting the text for what it is. The professors desire for each of us to build our foundation on Christ and for our lives to exemplify the gospel. Along with giving us the foundation to Bible, they also prepare us for the workforce by educating us in Christian leadership and giving us internship opportunities.

Dr. Jay Robertson is one of our professors who is consistent in going above and beyond. He not only desires to provide students with a clear understanding of theology, but he wants to see each student deepen their faith through our classroom material. Every class, he asks us for our prayer requests and then prays to help remind us that God is present and included in our studies. He desires to see us thrive in whatever local ministries we are involved in, and does so by constantly following up with each of us.

If I could summarize the theology professors here at UM in one word it would be: invested. In every sort of respect, they are committed and determined to see their students walk into the calling that God has placed on their lives. I’m thankful to have professors who invest their time and efforts into seeing me being successful for the sake of the gospel.

About the Author
Laiken Gendregske

Laiken Gendregske

Laiken Gendregske is a senior at University of Mobile. She is a theology major with a minor in intercultural studies. As part of the Spiritual Formation team, she is able to lead and serve the students of UM. She enjoys taking pictures, being creative and all things coffee.