5 Secrets to Success for Student Athletes

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The term “student athlete” is not just an athlete who attends classes because they have to. They are students who deal with adversity consistently due to his or her successes in the sport they play in, while trying to be academically successful as well. As a student athlete throughout my time in high school and in college at University of Mobile, I have discovered a few secrets that have helped me become successful on and off the court.

Here are 5 secrets that will help you as a student athlete!

  1. Time management will need to be used wisely and a lot.

As a student athlete, you have to give yourself an agenda or a schedule of your entire day because of your classes, practices, games and assignments/homework that you will have to participate in or get done. You will help herself and your academics tremendously if you give yourself time to do things.


  1. Befriend other people.

You spend most of your time with your teammates because you live with them, practice with them, or you have a majority of the same classes, depending on the majors that you will have in common with them. Give yourself the chance to go out and meet new people other than your teammates. Open yourself to another community besides the athletic one you are already in. Befriending other people will help you during your time in college. It opens doorways to strengthening your people skills and could possibly bring together two different communities by encouraging nnon-athletes to attend games and increase that fan base for your sport.


  1. Communicate & Communicate.

Communication will have to be your main focus. You will have to communicate with your coaches, your professors and even your classmates. Coaches will have to know when you are going to miss practices and, on your academics, when grades come out. Your professors will need to know when you are going to miss classes, tests, and assignments. Communicating with your classmates can help you get missed notes, lecture recordings, and even in-class assignments that you have to miss due to traveling or games during class times.


  1. Keeping a “Can-do” attitude.

With being a student athlete, you have two different things that you will be doing that could affect your attitude: the sport you play & your academics. At some point throughout your time as a student and an athlete, you are going to lose that passion which causes your can-do attitude to diminish to a “why am I here?” kind of attitude. Give yourself a break to breathe from the two, so you don’t burn out so fast and give up on both of the reasons you are attending college in the first place. If your athletic abilities are in a slump, then use your academic abilities and produce in the classroom instead of slacking that aspect as well. Same goes if the roles were reversed for academic to athletic.


  1. Have fun and enjoy your time.

College isn’t just about being an athlete and going straight into being a student. Yes, you did sign up for this kind of experience, but you can have fun as well. Go out with friends to a movie, dinner, or even activities other than your sport or studying. Give yourself at least a day or two to enjoy your time as just a regular kid at college besides your normal label as a student athlete. You aren’t going to be a student athlete forever, so enjoy it in any way you can.

About the Author
Baylee Gaughf

Baylee Gaughf

Baylee Gaughf is a kinesiology major with an internship in the University of Mobile Marketing & Public Relations Office, where she is gaining experience in journalism/media relations from an athletic viewpoint. She will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology with a minor in education. She has represented UM as a student athlete on the volleyball team. Her experience as an athlete has shown her that her true passion is to be a part of a team and in a fast-paced environment related to sports. Baylee enjoys being in the outdoors, going to the beach, and spending quality time with friends and family.