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Freshmen Year Hacks from Student Success at University of Mobile

Amber Kelley Experience, Student Life

Let’s be honest, freshman year in college is great and also challenging.

It’s hard to begin balancing a whole new lifestyle.  All of a sudden, you’re trying to do a lot of homework, make friends, not gain the Freshman 15, and get some sleep at night.

It can be challenging.

But the University of Mobile has the people and the resources to help you succeed, not only during your freshman year, but throughout your whole college career.

I sat down with some of the University of Mobile Student Success staff and asked them what advice they would give to freshmen. Here is what they had to say:

Shirley Sutterfield, Executive Director of Student Success

  • Use a planner and record everything in it
  • If you’re an introvert, it’s okay to read a book alone during lunch while listening to music – just balance that with engaging with others
  • If you’re an extrovert, it’s ideal to socialize – as long as you can balance it with getting schoolwork done on time
  • Eat lots of ice-cream; it fixes everything

Brenda Davis, Assistant Director of First Year Success

  • Go to the Resource Center and get help with your resume and portfolio early
  • We have a personal counselor on campus; take advantage of that
  • Invite faculty to the cafeteria to eat lunch with you (swipe for them, too)
  • Go to sports games and get involved around campus

Lawrencine Mason, Career Services Coordinator

  • Breathe
  • Remember that the faculty and staff at UM are here to help you
  • Discover your God-given purpose, pursue your passions and translate that into a professional calling
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously; be able to laugh at yourself
  • Make a budget and live by it so you don’t spend all your money

As a UM student, you have so many resources at your fingertips – don’t forget to take advantage of all of them. The UM faculty and staff are here for you.

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Amber Kelley

Amber Kelley is the marketing communications specialist for University of Mobile. Amber received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from UM. As marketing communications specialist, Amber writes press releases and other content for UM. She is passionate about serving in her youth group at Redemption Church. She enjoys spending time outside, reading a good book and watching romantic comedies on Netflix.