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The Importance of College Community

Noah Walters Experience, Student Life

The community at the University of Mobile transformed me in ways I would have never imagined. As I look back on my freshman year, I was so excited to meet people and get connected with others in the same stage of life. The community that runs through the campus is infectious. By meeting other students and getting to know others who were a part of student life teams, like Residential Life and the Christian Ministries Team, they encouraged me to get involved.

One of UM’s mottos is “Know and Be Known.” This motto really intrigued me, and I started to think on what it was all about. The longer I was on campus, I started to understand what “Know and Be Known” meant. It is a representation of knowing yourself and knowing others. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I saw the community that was shared between students and staff and wanted to be part of that family. Through the encouragement of other staff members, I decided to interview for multiple student life positions. I was scared to put myself out there, but am so glad I did.

As a Ram Rush leader and a member of the Campus Activities Board, I get to see firsthand community form. Being a part of UM’s community gives me a great support system and prepares me for leadership roles. As a part of Student Life, I do not just show up to a few meetings and attend events, but I am given responsibility to lead others. The experiences that I have already encountered since the start of my sophomore year are immeasurable.

Student Life, however, is not the only thing to get involved with. As students at UM, we are encouraged to participate in all aspects of community. I’ve always enjoyed the dorm events and how they foster community. As a dorm we have put up a 13-foot Christmas tree and seen Avengers Endgame on opening night. Building relationships in your dorm is an important part of embracing the community around you.

You can also get involved by being a part of the Alabama School of the Arts, sports teams, intramural teams and academic clubs. Having the opportunity to meet new people and being able to support our friends doing what they love is an amazing way to build community.

The University of Mobile provides the encouragement and support to push me out of my comfort zone and into a path of being known.

About the Author

Noah Walters

Noah Walters is a sophomore at the University of Mobile with a double major in Management and Integrated Marketing Communications. He is a marketing intern for the university's Office for Marketing and Public Relations, and is also on the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Noah enjoys spending time with his friends playing games, but also finding alone time while doing jigsaw puzzles.