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What College Transfer Students Need to Know

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Let’s face it – the world of transferring to another college can be a bit of a whirlwind. In one hand, you are balancing the final processes from your most recent academic institution. In a second hand, you are balancing next step conversations with a future academic institution. While in another hand, you are balancing your everyday responsibilities – social life, academics and even work. And then somewhere around this point, you remember you only have two hands!

It was only a few years ago when I transferred from a public community college to University of Mobile. I was a full-time student, working as a full-time pharmacy technician, with a plan to move five hours from home to attend University of Mobile. It was at this point when I found myself in the midst of that whirlwind.

It took no time at all for the staff at University of Mobile to impress me. I had been in college for two years, and I had never had an advisor or academic counselor to help guide me through this new journey. I was a number. Over time, I began to accept this as the norm of higher education.

University of Mobile changed that.

After getting connected with my enrollment counselor, I quickly learned that the process was simple and user friendly. It was obvious that my enrollment counselor really cared. (From one transfer student to another – I would highly encourage you to take advantage of the benefit of a genuine enrollment counselor.)

He encouraged me to visit campus – so I did. (Did you know that visiting University of Mobile’s campus comes with a FREE Visit Day Scholarship?)

He encouraged me to send in a copy of my transcript – so I did. (Did you know that you will be awarded scholarship funds based upon your incoming GPA? I would highly recommend maintaining a pristine GPA with a Transfer Merit Scholarship in mind!)

He asked if I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), a national honor society for two-year college students – at the time, I was not. After hearing that I would be awarded an additional $2,000 scholarship yearly for coming in as a member of Phi Theta Kappa, I drove home and immediately applied to be a member of PTK. (I would recommend you do the same.)

He followed this up by encouraging me to submit my FASFA – so I did. (Did you know that by completing your FASFA, University of Mobile’s Financial Aid Office will then be able to award you scholarship and endowment funds that will stack with state and federal grants?)

The remaining steps were easy. My enrollment counselor worked quickly to ensure that my transcripts were reviewed so that I might be accepted. He set up a time for me to meet with a professor within my area of interest, and later with an advisor. I was completely prepared for the upcoming semester months in advance. He was a good steward of my time and loaned the extra hand I needed to balance everything within the transfer process. I would highly recommend you take advantage of these opportunities.

My story has now come full circle.

After graduating from University of Mobile, I enthusiastically began work as an enrollment counselor. I understand the confusion brought about by the “unknowns” of transferring. My understanding of the issues therein is a large reason behind my passion for transfer students. Fellow Transfer Counselor Danny Chancey and I are here to help you take that next step with confidence.

We are here at University of Mobile to help you along every step of the way – just as my enrollment counselor did for me.

About the Author

Nathan Collier

Nathan Collier is a transfer enrollment counselor at University of Mobile. He is a 2017 graduate of University of Mobile with a Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies and a minor in sociology. As a student, he served as the leader of the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home ministry team and was involved on campus in various ways – including backpacking across India during Student Life’s Youth Hostel Mission trip. He enjoys spending time outside, adventuring in his Jeep, and watching each Marvel and Lord of the Rings film all too often.