What is Ram Rush?

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Lydia Smith

Ram Rush is a pretty big deal around the University of Mobile. So, I brought in Lydia Smith, who is a part of the Ram Rush committee, and asked her about all things Ram Rush.

Enjoy our conversation!

What is Ram Rush?

Ram Rush is the most action-packed, event-filled week on campus. Ram Rush gives incoming students a low pressure opportunity to make friends and get connected on campus and in the Mobile area. This year we have planned almost 20 events in 10 days. Ram Rush includes events from a tailgate party, to Goodwill Gala, to an expo with multiple companies, churches and organizations within Mobile County to help freshmen get plugged in off campus. Ram Rush week is the start of many memories and life-long friendships.

What is your favorite Ram Rush memory?

Two of my favorite Ram Rush memories are Goodwill Gala and Serve the City. The theme for Goodwill Gala my freshman  year was “the ’80s” and everyone had neon colors, crazy abstract designs and crimped hairstyles. We danced and skated into the night, and I made so many friends while breaking it down to the “Cupid Shuffle” on the dance floor. Serve the City is an event that encourages freshmen and transfers to serve with other organizations within Mobile for a day. My Ram Rush group helped clean and cut grass for an organization that seeks to spread the Gospel to internationals who come to the Mobile area via the Mobile waterway. 

Why is Ram Rush important to you?

Ram Rush is where I made some of my best friends and got connected with so many people within the school. I had the opportunity to meet people and get connected with students outside of my major. I made many memories and friendships. As a member of the Ram Rush committee, I now have the opportunity to assist with planning the upcoming events to hopefully give you an experience you will never forget. I also have the privilege to get to know every freshman by name. I am excited to see what this year’s Ram Rush holds.


We can’t wait for another year of Ram Rush! Incoming freshmen, we are ready for you!

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