Why College is for Introverts

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Starting college, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that I was terrified and intimidated. School had never really been my thing. I was coming to college with no friends or mentors to help me. But, once I got to the University of Mobile, everything changed. Some amazing professors went above and beyond their job as educators. They made me feel like I had a family – like it wasn’t just somewhere I would pay to learn, and they would teach.

I was never one to put myself out there, but these professors push me out of my comfort zone. They help me in and out of the classroom every step of the way – which is wonderful. Because of them, I have made a ton of new friends.

My biggest mentor is the Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations at UM, Lesa Moore, who also teaches courses in the School of Business. I found myself in her classes at the end of my sophomore year, and she really brought the best out of me. She taught me how to be a successful marketer, but also how to think logically, to really use and expand my train of thought and critical thinking. She also pulled me out of my comfort zone to make new friends by putting me in groups with new people. I’m very thankful she did, because now I have many friends all around campus, so no matter where I go, I’m not alone.

I have always struggled to find where I stand when it comes to religion. But my Christian world view teacher, Jason Wright, has really changed my life and my perspective on life and religion. He has taught me how to stand firm in my beliefs and how my world view should be solid and centered with my core beliefs. With his teachings, I feel as though I can go out and conquer the world in the Lord’s name. I trust in the name of the Lord and believe that He has a plan for me. I feel like I have meaning and purpose.

All of this – because of college and some great professors and friends at the University of Mobile.

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Spencer Kahalley

Spencer Kahalley

Spencer Kahalley is an intern in the marketing department of the University of Mobile. He will graduate in the spring of 2021 with his Master of Business Administration with a focus on marketing. He is active with student activities such as Ram Rush, movie nights, study groups and community events. He is also the manager of Bebo’s carwash, a local business. He enjoys baseball, making memories with friends and family, as well as getting to know new people.