Why Intercultural Studies?

Cortney Presley Experience

“Seek God’s will in all that you do and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:6. When I decided to attend the University of Mobile and chose Intercultural Studies as my major, I am most certain that is exactly what I began to do.

I started out at another university and, at the end of my sophomore year of college, I had a void feeling in my life. I didn’t feel like I was where I needed to be or doing what I was called to do. After a series of events, and many doors that should have been closed were opened, the University of Mobile is where I knew I needed to be. Now I just needed to decide what major to pursue. I knew I wanted to eventually get my master’s in counseling, but what could help get me there? The faculty here at the University of Mobile was so very helpful in helping me explore all my options, and I decided to major in intercultural studies in the School of Christian Studies.

Intercultural studies allows me to explore various cultures and religions and is equipping me to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost and broken people once I graduate. Not only am I growing my ability to reach the lost, but the intercultural studies program has allowed me to grow in my own relationship with the Lord. I have been able to learn about missions, dig deeper into the Word of God, and grow in relationship with the most amazing classmates who share the same passions as me. It is an absolute joy to be able to attend class each day.

Being able to pursue an intercultural studies major at the University of Mobile has many benefits. For example, all my professors know me by name. Coming from a university where I had between 50 and 60 students in each of my classes, the small class sizes here were an amazing change. I can talk one-on-one with each of my professors, and my voice is always heard. The faculty and staff at UM have a true love for their jobs, and it shows greatly in the way they care for each student on campus.

The University of Mobile has already had such an impact on my life. Since starting classes in August, I feel so satisfied in my calling, and I know this is only the beginning of an amazing journey for myself. I will forever be grateful that God placed me here, and in the intercultural studies program. Each one of us have a unique calling on our lives, and I encourage you to pray and seek that calling for yourself.

About the Author

Cortney Presley

Cortney Presley is an Intercultural Studies major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Mobile. After graduation, Cortney plans to teach English as a second language overseas before returning to UM for her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling. She enjoys serving in the youth group at Redemption Church, spending time with her family and friends and watching “New Girl” or “The Office."