The Global Engagement Office (GEO) focuses on:
International Students  |  International Studies  |  International Support
Our goals are: to welcome and encourage international students, to train students in cultural competence through experiential learning programs, and to establish and maintain infrastructure for solid international programs. These goals will help to ensure that students are well-equipped to work and serve effectively in the global marketplace as Kingdom professionals.
1.  International Students: GEO advocates for international students by helping them make the intellectual and cultural transition necessary to succeed academically at UM. This includes bridging language barriers and providing appropriate tools to prepare faculty in assisting international students.
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2. International Studies: GEO serves as the central hub for all university-sponsored international trips, including University Missions, Youth Hostel Missions, language and ensemble trips, and more. Global Engagement Office develops policies and procedures for staff and student travel safety and security.
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3. International Support: GEO develops policies, procedures and programs that equip faculty, staff and students to participate in global initiatives. This includes traveling internationally and engaging in cross-cultural events in the Gulf Coast region.



Dr. Douglas Wilson
Global Engagement Office
Professor of Intercultural Studies

Brenda Hinson
Global Engagement Office
Coordinator, International Recruitment