“Freshman Year to Dream Career” Turns Dreams into Reality at University of Mobile

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The University of Mobile’s” Freshman Year to Dream Career” program aims to keep students focused on fulfilling their purpose, both academically and professionally.

“Be intentional with your college career, because college on purpose results in career on purpose,” said Lawrencine Mason, career services coordinator in UM’s Student Success Center. She said academic planning, recommended activities, campus community and involvement, and personal growth all play a part in the Freshman Year to Dream Career 4-year college plan.

Each year has its own, unique focus. For freshmen, it’s all about becoming self-aware and discovering oneself. Mason said students should get to know different people during this time period and begin to establish a personal support group. Events such as Ram Rush and classes such as Freshman Seminar all aim to help satisfy these goals.

As sophomores, students will begin to build their foundations. They should be building strong GPAs, advancing their skills, procuring a more professional wardrobe, and researching potential career options.

Junior year is all about evaluating progress. Mason said this is when students need to be making major occupational and career goals. She suggests looking into leadership roles, job shadowing, interning, or getting a full-time or part-time job over the summer that offers opportunities for experience in a student’s area of study.

For seniors, it’s time to evaluate post-college lifestyle goals.

“How far do you want to go?” Mason said. Students will evaluate the lifestyle they have and compare it to the lifestyle they want. As a senior, students will practice mock interviews, sharpen their job searching skills, and learn appropriate networking techniques.

The Freshman Year to Dream Career program gives students a systematic view of college life, can be easily integrated into their daily lives, and helps them get a head start in both their college and career journey, Mason said.

To help keep students on track, the University of Mobile has provided many resources, such as Freshman Seminar where new students learn the skills and study habits to be successful in college.

Students will have an opportunity to learn more about life after college at Campus Career Week Oct. 21 – 24. During the 4-day event, students will hear professionals speak about everything from how to handle a job interview to what skills employers want. A networking event and a career fair will also be held, giving students the opportunity to personally connect with future employers.

Mason said college is a time for students to develop their professional, personal, hard, and soft skills. Staying in touch with professors and keeping track of job search records are two things that will be able to help advance a young professional’s career.

“We do whatever we can to help students get connected to people who can help them build bridges to their career,” Mason said.

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