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Casey Lunceford is a junior majoring in nursing at University of Mobile’s College of Health Professions. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, baking, and getting coffee with friends. Enjoy this interview where I asked Casey how her experiences and opportunities provided by UM are already preparing her for her future.

Casey LunfordTo begin with, why do you want to be a nurse?

I love to help people, to be their hands. I also enjoy being able to make people happy. For some weird reason I enjoy studying, so I knew I could handle the challenge of nursing school. I want to contribute my abilities to my community. At the end of my life, I want to look back and feel like it was a life well lived by serving others.

How has the intimate college experience of UM, paired with new state-of-the art medical equipment, prepared you for your experiences in clinicals?

The new layout of the labs in Weaver Hall are honestly really cool. Practicing with simulators allows us to get a good feel for the nurse-to-patient relationship we experience during clinicals. The layout of the labs really mirrors a hospital ICU layout. You can walk by all of the rooms and see each patient from outside of the rooms. That is how it is in the hospital. Being able to use the equipment is super nice because it gives us the opportunity to practice skills like checking charts, calling doctors, and learning how the room is supposed to be. Because we are able to use the new equipment and labs, it has helped me become acclimated to the processes and experiences I will encounter in an actual hospital. It has helped me to think critically on my feet and about how what I have learned in class actually applies to real life.

Why should a student choose UM for nursing?

For the close-knit relationships that are developed and the small class size. You know everyone in your class and can go to your classmates for anything you need. The professors are always available to help you and guide you in the right direction. Our amazing, top-of-the-line simulation lab, skills lab, and assessment lab prepare you for the hospital. Other schools don’t have the same opportunity to get so much hands-on experience. UM nursing is known for turning out high quality nurses that are confident and competent in the nursing profession. UM has a great reputation when it comes to the nursing program, and I wouldn’t want to get this degree anywhere else.

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Anna Newman

Anna Newman is a communications intern in the Office for Marketing & Public Relations and a resident assistant at University of Mobile. She will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a minor in history. She served on the Campus Activities Board at UM, where her passion for creating fun environments for students and the inspiration to become an RA began. Anna loves watching movies with her fiancé, whom she will marry in May. She enjoys authentic Italian food, spending quality time with friends and loved ones, as well as finding fun ways to stay active.