My MBA Added Value to Career and Life

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Earning my MBA at the University of Mobile as an adult student while working full-time definitely was worth the time and effort. I saw this as an investment in my future, and it is one that has really paid off. I use the skills and knowledge I learned in the classroom every day in my job.

After working in information technology for over 20 years, I decided to return to school for my Master of Business Administration. I chose the University of Mobile because of its reputation, and the faculty and staff bent over backwards to help me get enrolled in the program. From the first class until graduation, I found the personal attention and encouragement of all the members of the School of Business helped make the learning experience stand out from other institutions I have attended. Plus, the format of the program made it easy to integrate with my full-time work responsibilities.

I was surprised to find that it was easier to go back to school as an adult student. I was more focused than when I was an undergraduate. I could more readily see the value of what I was learning, and could immediately apply it to my job. Plus, there is a lot of personal satisfaction in taking on a new challenge in mid-career – one that can give you a fresh perspective and increase your value in the job market.

Among the many benefits I’ve received from having my MBA, the following stand out:

Increased Earning Potential and Career Growth

Having an MBA increased my marketability, broadened my career opportunities and helped me qualify for higher paying jobs.  As I made a change in direction from IT to cyber security, having the MBA helped provide credibility – that I had fresh skills, a broader view of business and the world, and the self-discipline to complete a rigorous complex program of coursework.

Leadership Skills

Group projects within the program helped me develop the confidence and skill needed to be a leader in my organization. It has given me the capability to successfully drive and complete projects, which has led to more opportunities in my field.

Improved Business Knowledge

The depth of understanding gained from learning to analyze a business in a holistic way helps me better understand decisions made in my organization and better influence those decisions through financial analysis and marketing.

Improved Business Skills

All aspects of the program provided opportunities to hone my skills in oral and written business communication, business analysis and project management. These are skills necessary to compete successfully in any area of business.

To sum it up, the University of Mobile provided a supportive environment with highly capable faculty and staff who helped to facilitate the education process. The focus of Higher Education for a Higher Purpose helped to instill a sense of ethics and community responsibility that have led to my involvement in leadership positions in my church and my community. I value the experience, and it has added value to my life.

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Chuck Dean

Chuck Dean

Chuck Dean is a 2005 graduate of the University of Mobile MBA program. Chuck is senior IT security analyst at Austal USA. He sings in the choir at his church and is on the Board of Directors of the Daphne Public Library. He enjoys reading, playing guitar, pop culture, spoiling his grandchildren and playing with his two miniature schnauzers.