The High School Student’s 7 Tips for College Success

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Are you in high school? Planning to go to college? The Student Success Center at University of Mobile has these 7 Tips for College Success that you can do now to make your freshman college classes easier. The better prepared you are for college classwork, the more time you’ll have for college fun.

1. Learn how to take notes.

Don’t transcribe every single word your teacher says. Instead, listen for the main points and write them down. Leave white space on the page to organize your note-taking by skipping lines between each main point. It makes studying easier when you can glance at the page and see the way the lecture was broken up. Your Freshman Seminar course at UM will give you more note-taking and study tips during your first semester at college.



2. Communicate with your teachers.

Ask questions, pay attention in class, and get to know your teachers. They need to know you in order to write a good reference letter for a scholarship or college application. University of Mobile professors make a point to know their students personally, since class sizes are small and are all taught by faculty, and not graduate students.


3. Do your homework.

Take responsibility for submitting classwork on time during high school, so you are prepared for adult responsibilities in college. You will be expected to check your syllabus for your college courses and keep up with assignments. Sometimes homework grades make the difference between a 4.0 and a 3.2 grade point average.



4. Practice writing essays.

No matter what your major is, you can expect to write papers in your freshman and sophomore English and literature courses. Learn to research and determine reputable sources. As a UM student, you’ll have access to the Chora Godwin Learning & Writing Center where tutors are available to revise research papers and essays.


5. Find your best study method.

It’s easy to get distracted and either not study, or not study effectively with all of your attention. Develop whatever method of study works for you, whether that means rewriting your notes, using a flashcard app like Quizlet, or talking through the concepts with a study group. Figure out what your learning style is before you get to college.



6. Eat healthy and exercise.

Eating healthy foods and developing an exercise program does more than give you the stamina for college life. It also helps you avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15” – the 15 pounds many students gain during their freshman year of college.


7. Ask for help.

If you’re having a problem with an assignment, ask your teacher for help. University of Mobile professors have scheduled office hours when you can stop by, or you can grab a coffee with them at Java City coffee shop on campus.



Once you get to college, look for resources on campus that support your college journey. The University of Mobile Student Success Center helps UM students be successful in college through courses like Freshman Seminar, plus career guidance and exploration, free tutoring, study and test-taking skills, and more.

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  1. Well written guidelines for high school student. Thank you Kathy. As it becomes increasingly clear that receiving a post-secondary education is necessary to prosper in modern society. The students at high school should realize the importance of communication in future prospects. During student life only teacher is the most authoritative person for students, if someone is excellent in communication with teacher, he will most probably be successful in college life or thereafter. Communicate with your teachers. is most important point for high school students.

    I will ask my high school kid to note these points.

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