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Deciding on a major is one of the toughest aspects of going to college. As a matter of fact, it took me quite a while to decide on what major I wanted to pursue. It can be very overwhelming. Nonetheless, I made my decision a few years ago and it has changed my life for the better.

I’m currently majoring in Government & Law at the University of Mobile. UM is preparing me to take steps to achieve my goals, whether that is preparing me for law school or a career.

Now, what is it that you learn being a Government & Law major? You learn about governments at home, governments abroad, and the law. All of these categories can be very complex. This major has taught me a wide variety of topics, ranging from my own civil liberties to the political structure of France and everything in between.

This is a question that took time for me to answer: “Is Government & Law the right major for me?” When deciding on a major, it is always great to determine what career you’d like to have after graduation. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in politics. I have always had a strong interest in our government, as well as the law in the United States. However, I never truly knew what I wanted to do with those interests. After many days of brainstorming, I finally decided that I would attend law school after graduation. This is a great major for anyone pursuing a law degree in the future. It allows you to become familiar with how the legal system works before you even step foot onto a law school campus. Due to the overwhelming amount of experience I’ve already received from my major, my goal is to graduate law school and then to work as an assistant district Attorney for Mobile County

Even though I’d love to be an attorney for the rest of my life, that isn’t where my career would end. After spending years practicing law, I plan on pursuing a political career as well. My hope is to one day represent the State of Alabama in the United States Senate. This is an incredible leap, but I know that UM and my Government & Law professors have shaped me for this challenge. I’m learning how the government works and functions on a daily basis. I’m learning about our Constitution and the importance of every word in it. I’m learning about the law and how to interpret it. Not only that, these classes and professors are molding me to one day be a part of the few who write the law. Government & Law has shaped me into the man I am today and into the representative I someday hope to be.

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Dylan Szymanski

Dylan Szymanski

Dylan Szymanski will graduate in December of 2019 from the University of Mobile. Dylan is a Government & Law major and an Accounting minor. He is a member of the University of Mobile Mock Trial Team. He is passionate about the United States, the law and, most importantly, serving the Lord in this country and abroad. He enjoys playing sports, video games, listening to podcasts and spending time with his girlfriend, Anna, and his Doberman Pinscher, Wrigley.