Why I Chose to Major in Kinesiology

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As kids we get asked, “what do you want to be when you get older?” We never really actually know what to say, except to be some crazy superhero we see on television or that we want to be like our moms and dads.

When we grow up, we see that college or universities have many different routes of career paths. Some students know what they are coming to school for. Still others just go with the flow until junior or senior year, and that’s when they just pick something to do. It wasn’t like that for me. I came to University of Mobile to study something I am passionate about – Kinesiology.

Growing up and being surrounded by sports, I knew that I wanted to stick with being in the sports field. I knew that I wanted to be involved in athletics in any way I could. Loving the atmosphere of sports really made my decision easy, and I chose to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics and principles of anatomy to human movements – basically our everyday living. Whether you are walking, running, lifting weights, or even talking, all of that is involved in Kinesiology.

Getting a degree in Kinesiology sets you up for different paths of career types: physical therapists, occupational therapists, exercise science trainer, and the list goes on. Not only are you learning about the human movements and mechanics, but you are signing up to also learn how to help people.

The Kinesiology Department in the School of Health and Sports Science here at the University of Mobile really opens up your perspective about the overall learning opportunities in Kinesiology and human movement science. You are going to learn and experience a lot in this field of study. You couldn’t ask for a better education department filled with knowledgeable and understanding professors and staff who willing to get you that experience needed and the degree to take you into our future dream job. And, the new facilities in the College of Health Professions with its emphasis on Prac-ademics gives you plenty of opportunities for hands-on experiences.

I am so glad I chose to major in something I am passionate about, at a Christ-centered university where professors and coaches care about me. As I graduate, I am fully prepared to make a difference in a profession I love!

About the Author
Baylee Gaughf

Baylee Gaughf

Baylee Gaughf is a kinesiology major with an internship in the University of Mobile Marketing & Public Relations Office, where she is gaining experience in journalism/media relations from an athletic viewpoint. She will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology with a minor in education. She has represented UM as a student athlete on the volleyball team. Her experience as an athlete has shown her that her true passion is to be a part of a team and in a fast-paced environment related to sports. Baylee enjoys being in the outdoors, going to the beach, and spending quality time with friends and family.