Dr. Melissa Thomas
Program Director Master of Athletic Training
Associate Professor of Kinesiology

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Dr. Melissa Thomas
Program Director Master of Athletic Training
Associate Professor of Kinesiology

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Master of Athletic Training

The University of Mobile has developed a dynamic approach for a student wishing to pursue the Master of Athletic Training. This approach provides opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional students, regardless of where the student begins the process.

An incoming freshman can begin work in Pre-Athletic Training or the Pre-Athletic Training Accelerated Bachelor’s Program. Pre-Athletic Training track is designed to span four years. Pre-Athletic Training Accelerated Bachelor’s Program allows a student to move swiftly through both undergraduate and prerequisite requirements earlier than the non-accelerated route. Admission to the MAT is not guaranteed, but it does allow the student to complete undergraduate and prerequisite coursework at an accelerated rate. Students that have previously been granted a degree can also apply once prerequisites are completed and all admission requirements have been met. This two-year program is specifically designed for the highly competitive student, interested in a combined liberal arts experience and professional component in athletic training.

First Year
Summer- Term I- 7 hours Lecture
AT 501 Principles of Athletic Training 3
AT 505 Management of Medical Emergencies 3
AT 510 Clinical Skills Lab I 1
Fall- Term II- 15 hours
BIO 525 Human Gross Anatomy 4
AT 520 Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Injuries- Lower Extremity 4
AT 525 Therapeutic Interventions Lower Extremity 4
AT 511 Clinical Skills Lab II 1
AT 590 Clinical I- Pediatric/ Adolescent – Clinical Immersion 2
Spring- Term III- 12 hours 
AT  515 Evidence Based Practice I 1
AT  530 Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Injuries- Upper Extremity 4
AT 535 Therapeutic Interventions Upper Extremity 4
AT 512 Clinical Skills Lab III 1
AT 591 Clinical II- College/Professional Clinical- Clinical Immersion 2

(Content Exam I- Administered Day after final exams complete for Spring courses)

  1. After the completion of the 3rd semester, Content Exam I will be administered. Students must score a 80% to pass the exam. Three chances will be allowed. There must be at least 14 days between one test and the other.
  2.  Remediation will begin after the 2nd failed attempt. This remediation will include individualized assistance with the program director and student.
  3.  Three unsuccessful attempts will result in the student being placed on academic probation. The student will be allowed to continue with summer courses but remediation may take place during that time.
Second Year
Summer- Term IV- 10 hours
AT 540 Psychosocial Strategies in Athletic Training- online 3
AT 545 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging – (May semester) 1
AT 550 Introduction to Pharmacology- online 3
AT 570 General Medical Conditions Assessment (May semester) 3
Fall- Term V- 11 hours
AT 555 BOC Exam Preparation 1
AT 560 Management Strategies in Athletic Training 3
AT 565 Evaluation of Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries 4
AT 513 Clinical Skills Lab IV 1
AT 592 Clinical III – General Medical/ Orthopedic/Physical Therapy/ Mental Health/ Wellness/ 2

Content Exam II- At midterm of the BOC Preparation class (AT 555), the Content Exam II will be administered. This test requires a passing score of 80% or better to complete the BOC preparation course. Failure to pass this exam will result in the student repeating the course. The student will have two opportunities to pass the exam.

Spring- Term VI- 7 hours
AT 575 Research Design in Athletic Training- 3
AT 580 Advanced AT Techniques 1
AT 585 Senior Capstone in Athletic Training 1
AT 593 Clinical IV- Elective Clinical Immersion 8 weeks- Student Site Choice 2

Final Comprehensive Exam- During the final semester and within the Senior Capstone course (AT 585), the final comprehensive exam will be administered to all graduating program students. The student must complete the exam with a score of 80% or higher for that component of the course to be met. The student will have 3 attempts at completing the test. The exam will be a written exam with 150 questions followed by an oral/practicum with 10-12 skills. Failure to pass this exam may result in the failure of the course. Remediation will begin after the 1stfailed attempt. This remediation will include individualized assistance with the program director and student.

 *Due to accreditation site visit occurring spring 2023, the first class will not be allowed to sit for the BOC exam until approval from CAATE on accreditation status.

(62 total program hours)