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Jonathan Harding My Why

Intercultural Studies

God put international mission in my heart. He also showed me that the nations are here. There are people here that I can invest in, and they can invest in me. I went from thinking I was not going to need college, to God showing me that University of Mobile is a place of true discipleship and where I need to be, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I did the World Race before coming to college, and God kept showing me through that experience that Intercultural Studies is what I needed to major in. I want to tell others about Jesus, and I found that University of Mobile is the best place for me to learn this. UM is great because I am able to mingle with the international students every day and experience new cultures and work with them right here.

About the Author

Jonathan Harding

Jonathan Harding is majoring in marketing and minoring in government and law at University of Mobile. In addition to gaining experience as an intern in UM's Office of Marketing and Public Relations, he is a residential assistant in his dorm and loves getting involved with Student Life activities. He enjoys strategy games and watching historical documentaries.