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Christian Studies

My youth minister back home was a huge influence on my life. I wanted to be a criminal psychologist, but because of my pastor’s influence, I changed to be a youth pastor. I saw many people go through some hard times and they were able to get through that because he was there to help them, and I want to be that for people around me. That is the kind of impact I want to have on teens going through middle school and high school. I found University of Mobile because my youth pastor went here. He told me about what he was able to do here and the ways he got involved and how it helped him in his career. UM’s School of Christian Studies is outstanding and helps me move through my degree. Our professors are brilliant in their field and they are always there having conversations with me and other students about the field. It is a huge thing to see how the professors work with us on such a personal level just by having conversations with us outside of class.

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Jonathan Harding

Jonathan Harding is majoring in marketing and minoring in government and law at University of Mobile. In addition to gaining experience as an intern in UM's Office of Marketing and Public Relations, he is a residential assistant in his dorm and loves getting involved with Student Life activities. He enjoys strategy games and watching historical documentaries.