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Jonathan Harding My Why

Elementary and Childhood Education

Once I decided on the University of Mobile, this overwhelming peace came over me, and I knew I was at the right place. I love working with kids and seeing children develop, so I knew elementary and childhood education would be a perfect field for me. I will not only be teaching kids, but I will be learning alongside them as well, personally. UM’s School of Education program is great because I get a lot of hands-on experience where I can grow through all four years, rather than only focusing on my major in the last two years. Now that I have finished my freshman year, I am excited to get back in the fall to the community I have built with my friends here. I also am excited to see the new students get plugged in and watch them fall in love with this school like I did.

About the Author

Jonathan Harding

Jonathan Harding is majoring in marketing and minoring in government and law at University of Mobile. In addition to gaining experience as an intern in UM's Office of Marketing and Public Relations, he is a residential assistant in his dorm and loves getting involved with Student Life activities. He enjoys strategy games and watching historical documentaries.