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Jonathan Harding My Why

Intercultural Studies

I took a year off after high school to figure out what I wanted to study. During that year off I found University of Mobile. The Christ-centeredness and small college vibe drew me in. This past summer I was able to be an intern for our missions pastor at my home church. Being able to help plan missions and the effect that it has led me to my major of Intercultural Studies. University of Mobile helps me reach my goal by teaching how to apply my beliefs into mission work and learn how to share the Gospel through the work that I do.

About the Author

Jonathan Harding

Jonathan Harding is majoring in marketing and minoring in government and law at University of Mobile. In addition to gaining experience as an intern in UM's Office of Marketing and Public Relations, he is a residential assistant in his dorm and loves getting involved with Student Life activities. He enjoys strategy games and watching historical documentaries.