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4 Reasons I Love UM

Maya Lewellyn News

In my 22 years of life, the best decision I made was when I signed up for a Preview Day at the University of Mobile.

When my family and I drove on campus, I was stunned by how beautiful it looked and how genuinely excited UM was to have guests. After speaking to some of the professors, I confidently knew UM could prepare me for my future career and, once Preview Day was over, I could envision finding community at UM.

For almost four years, UM has been my home. It has encouraged and challenged me to love the Lord and learn as much as I could during college. The longer I have been at UM, the more my love for the university grows.

Here are just four of the many reasons why I love the University of Mobile.

1. Campus

Before I knew people at UM, I fell in love with their beautiful campus. The old oaks welcome all who venture onto campus, and the swing by Martin Hall is picturesque. The globe is not only a centerpiece on campus, but it also serves as a reminder to go and transform the world. The campus is also walker friendly, meaning your professors and friends are just a few steps away. Some of my favorite memories are spending time with friends while walking around the campus.

2. Culture

 Although my home state of Florida is geographically south of Alabama, I was not accustomed to southern culture at UM. Southern hospitality is no joke; everyone from faculty to students are welcoming and want to know you. UM also cares about forming relationships. It didn’t take long for me to know those at UM and to learn to give yourself at least an extra five minutes when you’re walking somewhere, because you’re bound to see someone you know and possibly start up an unplanned conversation. I also enjoy the pace of UM. UM is not typically rushed (unless you’re late to class), but has a sense of stillness. Although I was not used to how people in the South behaved, the warmth of those at school and the stillness of UM helped me to flourish.

3. Omelet Station

 Every Tuesday and Thursday for breakfast, the cafeteria has an omelet station. Students can choose from a variety of options for how they want their omelets to be customized. If you consistently order the same omelet, then the staff will memorize your order. As someone who struggles to wake, I look forward to knowing I will soon eat my spinach and onion omelet. There is nowhere else in my life that I can look forward to getting an omelet consistently made for me. It was my favorite way to start your off a Tuesday or Thursday.

4. Office Hours

One benefit of going to a small school is that students can meet with their professors directly. Office hours are a wonderful resource to help students academically and personally. It has been a privilege to know my professors better, and I have cherished every minute of one-on-one time with them. Over the years, they are some of the first people I turn to for wise counsel. After my omelet on Thursdays, I would visit one of my professors during his office hours; we would have tea and discuss everything from academics to personality types.

Looking back, I see God’s providence and good plan that led to me to UM’s Preview Day. At Preview Day, I applied to UM; several weeks later, I was accepted to UM; and for four years, I have learned more about God and have been prepared for my future.


About the Author

Maya Lewellyn

Maya Lewellyn is a double major in Communication and Intercultural Studies at the University of Mobile, and she will graduate in May 2020. She is a marketing intern for the university's Office for Marketing and Public Relations and serves on the University Ministries. Maya enjoys drinking tea, reading a good book and spending time with her friends.