High School Class of 2016 Can Get a JumpStart on College with Bargain Online Classes from University of Mobile

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Students graduating from high school in a few months can get a jumpstart on college at a bargain price by taking online summer classes through the new JumpStart program at the University of Mobile.

Online JumpStart Summer 2016 classes are only $375 per credit hour and include many required freshman level courses. Students may choose from Introduction to Biology, Microcomputer Applications, Basic Public Speaking, English 101 and 102, Introduction to Art, History 201 and 202, and Psychology.

Students interested in enrolling in the JumpStart Summer 2016 classes should apply online at umobile.edu/jumpstart. Online courses are also open to any college student wanting to get ahead or catch up on their college courses, no matter where they currently attend college.

“Students who take some of their first freshman college courses online during the summer have several advantages, including a lower cost per credit hour than other area four-year colleges,” said Kim Leousis, vice president for enrollment.

“Taking your first college course or two online during the summer gives recent high school graduates an opportunity to become accustomed to college level coursework before taking a full course load in fall semester,” she said.

The JumpStart program is open to high school graduates who meet admission standards for the University of Mobile and complete a free application at umobile.edu/jumpstart.

Students who have already been accepted to UMobile and plan to enroll in the fall may also apply for the JumpStart program and get an early start on their college career.

For information about the University of Mobile JumpStart Summer 2016 program, visit umobile.edu/jumpstart or call Enrollment Services at 251.442.2252 or 1.800.WIN.RAMS.

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