University of Mobile Graduate Heath Vester Featured in Art Exhibit at Marilyn Foley Gallery

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Venerable Art Exhibit by Heath Vester '16

Exhibit Open Nov. 1-30, Art Talk Set For Nov. 17

MOBILE, Ala. – University of Mobile’s Marilyn Foley Art Gallery will feature the art exhibit, “Venerable,” created by UM graduate and artist Heath Vester. The exhibit will be Nov.1-30, and Vester will discuss his work at Art Talk on Nov. 17. 

Vester, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual arts and graphic design from UM in May 2016, will also be the featured speaker at Art Talk Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. at the Marilyn Foley Art Gallery on campus in the Ben May Building. Gallery hours are Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m. Admission to the gallery and Art Talk are free.

“My goal for this exhibit is to showcase the diversity of the aging process,” Vester said. “By using black and white photography, I can capture the true human spirit that never leaves us.”

Vester is a co-founder and senior designer of “Ant Farm Journal,” an arts and living journal that focuses on Southern culture. He started Ant Farm Journal while he was a UM student. He is also owner/principal of Heath Vester Design.

A graphic designer, Vester focuses on branding, typography and illustrations. He is also a portrait and commercial photographer.

The art show’s title, “Venerable,” is defined by Vester as “promoting respect because of age; sacred or deserving reverence.”

“Age is a strange thing that binds us together as humanity,” Vester said. “It is something that no man can escape, no matter how hard some may try.”

Vester said with age comes “wisdom, knowledge and restraint.”

Things that once seemed important no longer take precedence, Vester said. “ In our life, we begin to see the world more clearly and understand the sacred elements that make life worth indulging.”

”With each person I heard a different story, a story of life, love, pain, and the list goes on,” said Vester. “Hearing all of these stories I understand people better and how we are all connected by our struggles and our shared responsibilities as humans.”

Each person faces and deals with aging in their own way, he said. “Some try to prolong the inevitable, others accept the fact with grace.”

“I think God has a way of teaching us things even in the most subtle moments, the lessons that have come from shared cups of coffee or sitting next to someone on a park bench,” Vester said.

For information about exhibits at the Marilyn Foley Art Gallery or studying art at University of Mobile, contact Phillip Counselman, associate professor of art, at 251.442.2283 or

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