Karon Bishop
Instructor in Education

Master of Education in Early Child Development (Non-Certification)

This program was designed to meet the growing need for Pre-K programs in private, religious, or federal sites. The state of Alabama First Class Pre-K programs or Office of School Readiness (OSR) will be opening new sites and urging students to consider this career field while earning a competitive salary. Federal Head Start programs now require lead teachers to have an earned bachelor’s or master’s degree therefore, the master’s in Early Child Development is a perfect fit. The program is open to any qualified applicants. Students enrolled in this program can complete a 30 credit hour Master’s of Education (MED) degree with a major in Early Child Development. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 will be required for all courses counted toward the major with no more than 2 C’s in the program.

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CE 504 Effective Practices and Issues in ECE 3
CE 599 Practicum in Early Childhood 3
EE 535 Literature for Young Readers 3
TE 504 Intro to Exceptional Children 3
TE 505 Computer-Based Technology
TE 511 Contemporary Issues in Teaching 3

TE 520 Evaluation & Research

TE 525 Curriculum & Teaching  3
TE 582 Child Guidance, Social, and Emotional Development in Early Childhood
TE 583 Advanced Language and Literacy Development for Young Children 3
TOTAL HOURS:             30