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When Kelly and Beth Green moved back to Mobile in January, their adult lives and ministries in Christ came full circle. The two international evangelists met on the University of Mobile campus in 1973. Soon the two became best friends, and less than a year later, man and wife — each fully on the path to a life in service of God. Kelly was a youth pastor and minister of evangelism at Dauphin Way Baptist Church and Beth served as secretary to her father, John Thomas, a founding faculty member who led the college’s Department of Humanities. 

Thomas’s global view of ministry and love of mission work were instilled in Beth at an early age and became a substantive tenet of her and Kelly’s marriage. Shortly after they graduated from the university and welcomed their first child, the Greens began spreading the Gospel around the country, and then the world. 

After decades of ministry, he and Beth felt the calling to not only share the word of Jesus Christ, but to model His actions in order to bring light to those in most need. The result was a paradigm shift in their lives. 

“I felt the way to make the greatest impact is by emulating Jesus’s approach: healing the sick, feeding the hungry and dealing with the poor,” Kelly said. He knew his gifting wasn’t in healing, but in bringing those who could to those who suffered. So he helped create medical clinics, and then clean water projects, primarily in Africa, “as a platform to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a community.” 

On a trip to Uganda 10 years ago, Beth felt God calling her “to lift (local) women up in their communities,” which she has done ever since with the God is Grace Ministry. Through mentorship and hands-on ministry, the Greens have taken lessons learned at the university and used them to affect the lives of thousands around the world. And though they are back in Mobile for the first time in years, they know their work is far from done. 

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