Ram Rush

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Ram Rush

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Ram Rush is the official University of Mobile New Student Orientation. It is organized by the University of Mobile’s Student Life Department and is full of concerts, free food, free give-aways, games, new friends, orientation info, and tons of fun!

Details for Ram Rush 2017 will be release in early 2017!

For 2016, the theme was “Home for the Holidays.” These were just a few of the exciting events that were a part of Ram Rush:

Thanksgiving Dinner
North Pole Christmas Celebration
Ram Rush Worship
Easter Egg Hunt
Dives on Dauphin
Goodwill Gala New Year’s Eve Skate and Dance Party
True Spin Campus Bible Study
Fourth of July Intramural Insanity
Happy Birthday Bash
President’s Day Lawn Party

Every new student is assigned a Ram Fam Group (RFG) upon registration. Your group assignment is based on your Freshman Seminar class section number. Groups range in size from 15-20 students. Each RFG has two active and engaged UM student leaders to guide you through your first week at UM, help you meet other students, and get involved. They will fill you in on all the details of each event, what to wear, and where to be using your RFG Facebook Group you will be invited to in a few short weeks.

Ram Rush will begin at move-in on Friday, August 18, 2017 and continues through the first week of classes to Friday, August 25. Events are not mandatory, however participation is highly encouraged, as Ram Rush is one of your best ways to get connected to fellow students and get involved in Student Life. Dress is casual at all events and all event meals are free.

If you have questions, email Allie Ratcliff, Ram Rush Coordinator, at anormand@umobile.edu.

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  1. Montrase Ward and Amy Pinkham –
  2. Jared Lowe and Holly Tobias
  3. Dylan Miller and Darby Callicut
  4. Aaron West and Kianna Murphy-
  5. Demetrius Ogburn and Caroline Eiland –
  6. Taylor Smith and Emily Powell
  7. Joshua Schlehuber and Sydney McConnell
  8. Caleb Huynh and Amber Jones-
  9. Taylor Atwell and Esther Hunker
  10. Derrick Sloan and Mae Beth Mardis
  11. Johnny Howard and Stacy Smith 
  12. Hunter Bennett and Alana Greenlee 
  13. Jonathan Higgins and Hilary Schultz *transfers
  14. Matthew Sewell and Sarah Holaway *transfers

Check out what Ram Rush and Campus Life Looks like!

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2016 Ram Rush Schedule

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Questions about ram rush?

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