Why Sociology?

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Sociology, or the study of human society, has always been a fascinating subject for me.

From the intense class debates to the thought-provoking research, sociology has the power to bring out curiosity in anyone. The subject makes one start to question, search for answers and come to sometimes surprising conclusions.

To me, sociology is almost the perfect mixture of philosophy, psychology and research. It brings out questions about culture, people and the choices that we make in our daily lives. Sociology has added a whole other level of meaning to how I view events, people and the world around me. I also enjoy the many paths for the future that being a sociology major provides. From social research to medical school, social work, data analysis, higher education, and more, by being a sociology major one is provided with a realm of different possibilities for life after college. After school, sociology majors can either enter graduate school or enter the workforce, readily prepared for either. Through the rigorous programs and internships set up by Dr. Cassidy Cooper and others at the University of Mobile, students have a chance to gain knowledge, experience, and valuable connections to help them in their future careers.

I am entering my junior year of college and starting an internship at The Women’s Resource Center of Saraland, where I will be trained to help women in a variety of different life situations. I am super excited about this opportunity, as it allows me to not only gain valuable experience, but also to work for a Christian women’s organization only minutes away from campus. With these opportunities and more, students are set up for success by acquiring practical skills and resources. I find that by being a sociology major, these things are particularly useful as sociology is such a social and hands-on subject, best learned in groups, through research and first-hand experience. However, if I had to pick one thing that I love the most about being a sociology major at The University of Mobile, it would certainly be the community.

I have learned so much about sociology, school, my faith, and just life in general through being at such a caring university. Whether it is Madame Brousseau in French class, Mrs. Lucy in the cafeteria or Ms. Faith Baker in the enrollment offices, everyone at this university has a passion for their students and what they do. It creates a loving environment filled with growth, faith, and a desire to learn. Being at this university has given me a new passion in life for what it means to serve others and to start a change. This change has led me to a new path in life where I hope to be a professor myself so that I may one day make an impact on my own students. I hope to encourage others to find their passion, whether it is sociology or something else, and face it full-heartedly and with courage as they start their college careers.

About the Author
Zelda Peach

Zelda Peach

Zelda Peach is a junior at the University of Mobile currently working on her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in French. Zelda serves as an Ambassador, a tutor and has served as Honors Program Council president. Zelda is passionate about serving her community and those around her. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her friends, going on random adventures and hosting movie and game nights.