Katie Allred
Assistant Professor of Software Development and Digital Media

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Alabama College for Professional and Continuing Studies
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Bachelor of Science in Software Development

The Bachelor of Science in Software Development provides students with a strong foundation for a career in the continually expanding field of digital applications. With training in multiple coding languages and points of interest, students will be strategically positioned to meet the needs of a changing workforce and consumer base. Additionally, students will gain a systematic approach to solving problems in the workplace.

Course Code Course Name Course Hours
DEV 300 Foundations of Software Development 3
CIS 265 Programming I 3
CIS 365 Programming II 3
CIS 264 Networks and Distributed Systems  3
CIS 385  Database Trends 3
DEV 310  Foundations of Application Development 3
DEV 320 Designing Mobile Applications 3
CIS 465 Fundamentals in Operating Systems 3
DEV 450 Web Development and Design 3
DEV 460 Cybersecurity and Information Systems 3
CIS 450 Project Management 3
DEV 470 Advanced Application Development (Capstone) 3