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As a freshman, I was extremely nervous about meeting new people and making friends in college. I am a quieter person by nature, and the idea of being thrust into a whole new social setting was extremely daunting to me! I envisioned myself constantly hanging out in my dorm room, not wanting to interact with anybody. Luckily, the University of Mobile realizes that not everybody is an extrovert and, because of this, hosts Ram Rush as an event for incoming freshman to get to know one another.

Ram Rush is still one of my favorite events UM has held! Through it, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and develop some very close friendships. The members of my Ram Fam are all still very close to one another, and we hang out frequently.

Even though Ram Rush has long since ended, the University of Mobile continually fosters community through the fun, on-campus events they host. There hasn’t been one moment when I felt as though I was totally disconnected or entirely alone.

The University of Mobile has grown to feel like a small town to me. Everybody is always looking out for each other. It’s crazy to think that I’ve only been here for a few months, because I feel as if I’ve always been a UM student!

The support you receive here at the University of Mobile is truly outstanding. I am so blessed to have been led to this campus and welcomed into this tight-knit community. I know that it was God’s plan for my life to seek a higher education here at UM and to grow both academically and spiritually through my experiences.


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Hailey Morgan

Hailey Morgan

Hailey Morgan is majoring in Journalism and Broadcast Media at the University of Mobile. As a freshman, she was extremely excited about the opportunity to intern in UM’s Office of Marketing and Public Relations. In her free time, Hailey enjoys reading, listening to music, and writing for fun. During her time at the University of Mobile, Hailey hopes to not only work hard and earn her degree, but also grow closer to the Lord as she advances in her walk with Christ.