Chelsey Sayasane — Class of 2019

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Chelsey Sayasane

The University of Mobile has been a place where I have found confidence in the Lord and myself. Because of my professors, I have learned more than just algebra and communication ethics. I have learned to love the Lord with all of my heart. I have also learned how to be an intelligent and professional young woman in the broadcasting industry. The growth and education that I experienced at the University of Mobile led me to land my dream job even before I graduated! I have been the co-host of Studio 10 since January. I truly believe that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts. If we let Him order our steps, even our biggest dreams can become a reality. I am forever grateful for my time at University of Mobile.





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Amber Kelley

Amber Kelley

Amber Kelley is marketing communications specialist for University of Mobile. She will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in communication and a minor in management. She has served on Ram Rush Committee at UM for three years and loves making freshmen feel welcome. She is passionate about serving in her local church, Redemption, by serving students and volunteers. She enjoys spending time outside, reading a good book and watching romantic comedies on Netflix.