Meet Your Admissions Counselor

University of Mobile admissions counselors are available to guide you through the admissions process, from start to finish. They also offer personalized tours of campus, and may be traveling to your area during the fall semester!

Meet Your Enrollment Counselor

Faith-BakerFaith Baker

Class of 2014, Athletic Training
Interests: Marvel movies, Pinterest, Playing Smash Bro’s, Zelda, Cooking dinner for friends, Sarcasm.
UM Involvement: Residential Assistant, Athletic Training Student Society President, Senior gift committee, UM Alpha Chi honor Society President
Favorite UM Experience: As a soccer RA, I was able to build amazing relationships with the girls on my hall. Being a “soccer mom” of 20 girls at the age of 20 was the most exciting and rewarding experience imaginable. My hall girls taught me so much from Mia Hamm, teamwork, pranks and 6ams. Go Rams!

Email Faith | 251.442.2448

Billy-MusgroveBilly Musgrove

Class of 2014, Business Administration
Surfing, traveling, and watching the San Antonio Spurs dominate the game of basketball.
UM Involvement: Tennis Tteam, Enactus, intramural sports, Bridge trip to Philadelphia. 
Favorite UM Experience: Playing tennis for the University and traveling through Europe on the Youth Hostel Mission trip.


Email Billy | 251.442.2419

Elijah-GibsonElijah Gibson

Class of 2015, Communication

Interests: Sporadically bursting into song, rice, and spending intentional time with others.

UM Involvement: Men’s Soccer Team captain, Campus Activities Board, two-time “Covers” champion, Youth Hostel Missions trip to Europe.
Favorite UM Experience: 
Reaching the NAIA National Championship game and leading operation “Team Goat”.


Email Elijah | 251.442.2425

shelby-bristow-squareShelby Bristow

Class of 2014, Interculture Studies and Psychology.

Interests: Israel, Star Wars, Netflix, Myers Briggs, good puns, and long walks on the beach at sunset. 

UM InvolvementMember of Alpha Chi, Theta Alpha Kappa, and Psi Chi Honor Societies. Also involved in International Missions Fellowship, Women’s Resource Center ministry team, overseas missions to Czech Republic, True Spin, and Intramural sports.

Favorite UM ExperienceCultivating intentional life-long relationships. 

Email Shelby | 251.442.2221