University of Mobile students may earn a Certificate of Proficiency in areas other than their major by taking a certain number of hours of coursework in that field. Earning a Certificate of Proficiency adds value to a bachelor’s degree and indicates to employers that you have gained a level of proficiency in an area other than your major.
Graphic Design Certificate

A Certificate of Proficiency in Graphic Design is offered to students enrolled at the University of Mobile in any degree area other than art. Take 12 hours of Graphic Design coursework to earn the certification that shows you have gained proficiency using industry standard design software and have a keen understanding of the foundations of visual design. Learn about graphic design, typography and page layout, print production, branding or web design.

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Theatre Certificate

Make your degree in any major more valuable with a certificate in Theatre, when you complete 13 hours of Theatre coursework. The University of Mobile’s Theatre Certificate offers non-theatre majors an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in an area of theatre discipline. The certificate may be completed by any UM undergraduate student who is not a theatre major.

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Nurse Educator Certificate

The Nurse Educator Certificate prepares students at the master’s or doctoral level to serve as educators in health care and academic systems. The program includes specialized instruction on pedagogy, curriculum development, and testing and evaluation. Students are paired with expert mentors in the field in their Role Synthesis course to engage in activities that will prepare them to serve the future nursing workforce in innovative and evidence-based capacities.

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Bruns in Nursing Lab
Post-Master's APRN Certificate

Post-Master Certificate (PMC) students must successfully complete all didactic and clinical requirements of the desired area of practice. In order to obtain a PMC in the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty, students are required to complete a minimum of 660 supervised hours in direct patient care. The program of study includes academic and clinical courses, and completion results in the awarding of a certificate of academic achievement of post-master study. Completion of the requirements for the PMC is posted on the official University of Mobile transcript.

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Nursing Classroom

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