News Media Contacts

The University of Mobile has an excellent relationship with news media based on our reputation for accuracy, ability to anticipate and provide the ingredients for an interesting and complete story, decades of success in meeting reporters’ deadlines, and respect for the SPJ Code of Ethics that journalists follow to: Seek Truth and Report It, Minimize Harm, Act Independently, and Be Accountable and Transparent.

News media should contact University Communications prior to arriving on campus to cover the University of Mobile and when seeking information regarding the university.

  1. News Media Contact: Kathy Dean, Associate Vice President for University Communications, 251.442.2215 (office), 251.604.7592 (cell) or

  2. Athletic Communications Contact: David Haney, Sports Information Director, 251.442.2264 or

Visiting Campus
  1. The University of Mobile requires that all news media obtain permission from the    Office for Marketing & Public Relations (University Communications) before arriving on university property to cover a story or conduct an interview. This includes instances where news media have been invited to campus by students, faculty, staff or others. If advance permission has not been obtained, news media may be required to conduct their interview off campus.       

  2. All visitors to campus, including news media, must stop at the campus entrance and sign in at the gatehouse.

  3. All news media on university property must be accompanied by a University Communications representative or Athletic Communications representative.

  4. In the event of an emergency, or to limit disruptions to normal university operations, news media may be restricted to certain areas of campus for filming or live broadcasting.

        Filming/Photography on Campus by Non-News Entities

        Still or video images of campus features may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes outside of scheduled news coverage without approval from the Office for Marketing & Public Relations. The campus may not be used as a location for professional photography such as wedding photography. Permission from the Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations is required for any kind of filming on university-leased or owned property.

        University Photography

        The University of Mobile reserves the right to photograph members of the university community including, but not limited to, its students, faculty and staff, in situations appropriate to the image of an academic institution, and to publish likenesses in University of Mobile publications, video, websites, the news media, social media or other recruitment or promotional materials. Anyone wishing to be excluded from university photography must notify the Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations in writing with an accompanying photograph at