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Megan Cary
Associate Professor of Graphic Design

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional degree program that provides a more intensive course of study than a traditional Bachelor of Arts. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for entry into the professional design industry or graduate school, having acquired a strong foundation in studio art, art history and graphic design. Faculty members work closely with students to develop their technical and conceptual abilities, and to guide them through developing a professional portfolio. They also serve as an entry point to the industry, and connect students to internships and the design community through organizations like the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Course Code Course Name Course Hours
AR 221 Two-Dimensional Design 3
AR 222 Drawing I  3
AR 223 Three-Dimensional Design 3
AR 224 Drawing II 3
AR 226 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
AR 280 History of Graphic Design 3
AR 300 Typography & Page Layout  3
AR 301 Graphic Design Print Production 3
AR 302 Digital Graphic Design Studio 3
AR 304 Branding & Identity Systems 3
AR 310 Prehistoric to Renaissance  3
AR 311 Renaissance to Modern Art (WI) 3
AR 315 Contemporary Art  3
AR 321 Painting I 3
AR 331 Internship 3
AR 341 Ceramics I 3
AR 361 Sculpture  3
AR 370 Conceptual Drawing  3
AR 380 Digital Photography  3
AR 401 Web Design  3
AR 402 Portfolio Design  3
AR 420 Senior Thesis (WI) 3
WL 364 Film Studio I  3
WL 365  Film Studio II  3
ART Electives ART Electives 5