Three-Fold Focus

Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength (Mark 12:30).  We equip each student for answering his/her service calling by cultivating a Heart for God, a Head for Gospel-integrated knowledge, and Hands for serving others.

  • Called to Christ: through our General Education courses for all undergraduate students, we introduce students to the Gospel of Christ and the concept of vocational calling.
  • Called to Ministry: through our undergraduate major programs, we equip our students devotionally, academically and practically to answer the call to ministry.
  • Called to Leadership: through our graduate programs, we combine rigorous training in Bible and theology with practical application of communication, ministry and leadership skills to equip competent Christians for their leadership calling in the church and in the marketplace.


Undergraduate Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry– for Christians called to pastoral & church ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies– for Christians called to cross-cultural ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies– for Christians called to teaching ministry

Graduate Programs:

Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies – for Christians called to lead in teaching & preaching ministries

Master of Arts in Worship Leadership & Theology*– for Christians called to lead in worship ministry
*This program is in cooperation with ASOTA



Dr. Doug Wilson, Dean/Professor of Biblical Studies 
Serves as an Old Testament Bible translator for the New Tyndale Version


Dr. Jay Robertson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology 
Serves as Pastor of Vision at Crawford Baptist Church and sponsors our Theta Alpha Kappa honor society


Dr. Robert Olsen, Associate Professor of Historical Theology 
Serves on the Honor Program faculty and sponsors our Theological Fellowship


Dr. Benjamin Stubblefield, Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament 
Serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church,
Jackson, Alabama


Dr. Endel Lee, Visiting Associate Professor of Christian Ministry 
Is a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral with the Chaplain Corps and a ministry leader with the North American Mission Board


Dr. Blake Newsom, Director, Christian Ministry
Serves as senior pastor of Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama