The major in African American Studies at the University of Mobile is designed to introduce students to the history and culture of African American communities.

Dr. Matthew Downs
Program Coordinator, History, 
Program Coordinator, African American Studies, 
Associate Professor of History
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts or Science in African American Studies

The program is interdisciplinary by design, and majors can expect to take wide-ranging courses in History, Sociology, Psychology, Christian Studies, Government and Law, and Music.

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, including graduate study, professional schools, public administration, and community organization and development.

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 - Develop a unique perspective on freedom and civil rights struggles in the United States
- Understand the unique challenges faced by people of color
- Appreciate how diversity shapes politics, mental well-being, and personal faith


Graduate School
Community Organization & Development
Public Administration
Law School
“African American Studies reaches across disciplines to explore the Black experience and to prepare graduates to navigate our diverse community.”

Matthew Downs, PhD
Program Coordinator, History
Associate Professor of History
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

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